Thursday, June 25, 2009


OneeChanbara: The Movie is a 2008 Japanese action/zombie film directed by Yôhei Fukuda and starring Eri Otoguro, Manami Hashimoto, Tomohiro Waki, Chise Nakamura, Sari Kurauchi, and Taro Suwa. The movie is based on The OneChanbara video game.

The film takes place in a chaotic, post-apocalyptic futuristic Japan; a time where the world is filled with bio-chemically manipulated humans turned into zombies. This chaos is the result of a series of crazy experiments performed by a mad scientist named Sugita. These evolved zombies are able to manipulate weapons and can be trained to form an army of the undead. However, walking among this strange world, and for the luck of the few survivors, there is a pair of wild, vengeful, dangerous and extremely pretty female warriors roaming the land. Bearing their deadly weapons, these two warriors, Reiko and Aya, decide to join forces to destroy all the zombies and take revenge on the wrongdoers of their beloved ones.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Beranak Dalam Kubur: The Movie (a.k.a. Birth In The Grave Yard) is a 2007 Indonesian horror film directed by Freddy Lingga and starring Adhitya Putri, Revandita T.N., Shalvynne Chang, Dinda Kanyadewi, Siran Boysen and Julia Perez.

The film tells the story of a group of medicine students who, while doing their practice, have to do an observation of anatomy matters in a hospital. There, they decide to go around the facilities and after a while, they arrive at a morgue which seems to have been closed for some time. Regardless of the lock and chain at the entrance, the students enter the morgue where they find that there is a female corpse still inside as if it was being hidden by someone. From that moment on, all of the friends start to experience creepy visions and disturbances from a female looking ghost. One by one, the young students begin to die inexplicably in awkward circumstances. When the last couple of survivors decide to do some research about the woman, they find out that her name was Jasmine; a village girl who was struggling in the big city to pursue her dream to become a famous singer. However, due to her naivety, Jasmine got pregnant only to be killed by her baby's father. A thirst for revenge and an unsettled spirit made Jasmine rise back from the death after mysteriously deliver a death fetus. It seems that it is only up to the last surviving students to come up with a way to stop Jasmine from killing everybody.

Monday, June 22, 2009


R-Point is a 2004 South Korean horror film written and directed by Su-chang Kong and starring Kam Woo-seong, Son Byeong-ho, Oh Tae-kyeong, Park Won-sang, Lee Seon-gyoon, and Moon Yeong-dong.

Set in 1972 when the Vietnam war was coming to an end, the film tells about a South Korean sargeant who is plagued with feelings of guilt after losing all his men and being the sole survivor of a bloody battle. After recovering in a hospital, his commander in chief orders him to lead an investigative scouting unit back in the thick of the jungle as they are on a mission to search for a missing platoon. Sargeant Choi Tae-in and his new unit are sent back to the field to try and gather any clues as to the whereabouts of the missing unit; and whether or not there are any survivors. Appon arrival in the jungle, the soldiers start to move on further into the thick forest, where they find a weird gravestone written in Chinese characters that reads He who sheds others' blood can not return. Later, while looking for the missing soldiers, weird things begin to happen with the rescue team and it seems that there is something strange with the mission, and they also feel that they are not completely alone in the jungle. Then, what at the beginning appeared to be an easy search and rescue mission turns into something far more terrifying than the war itself.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Coming Soon is a 2008 Thai horror film written and directed by Sopon Sukdapisit, and starring Chantavit Dhanasevi and Vorakarn Rojjanavatchra.

A theater projectionist has promised to bootleg an upcoming Thai horror film which had been getting a lot of publicity as it seems that it is based on true events. However, as he is afraid he may lose his job if someone finds out what he is doing, he decides to ask his friend to do the recording. Later on, as his friend has mysteriously disappear, the young man decides to star a little research that takes him back to the movie theater. But while sitting in the theater, he finds the camcorder and he begins to feel that something is not going quite right. Nonetheless, as he still needs to bootleg the film, he decides to do it himself; but when the movie is over, a sense of deja-vu overtakes him, and it seems that his friend's apartment has some sort of resemblance with some things he just saw in the movie. Later, as the young man continues to investigate his friend's disappearance, it appears that all the events he just saw depicted in the film are happening again; however, this time it is not fantasy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Victim is a 2006 Thai horror film co-written and directed by Monthon Arayangkoon; and starring Pitchanart Sakakorn, Apasiri Nitibhon, Penpak Sirikul, and Kiradej Ketakinta.

The very young and talented actress Ting hopes to become a popular actress around Thailand for what she has been preparing for some time. When it finally happens, her first serious acting job is a rather creepy one. She is hired by the Royal Thai Police to stand in for murder victims in awkward reenactments of mysterious crimes. Even though she knows that she will be doing it to aid the investigation process, Ting however, takes her time to offer prayers of apology to the victims' souls. Her top moment comes when she is asked to play Meen, a former Miss Thailand who was brutally killed and cut to pieces in a motel bathtub. This seems like a role for which Ting might gain a lot of attention, so she begins to prepare for it with a little research, ending up rehearsing in the very bathtub where the victim was killed. As she continues to dig into the victim's life, Ting is drawn deeply into Meen’s own life. But Meen’s tortured and vengeful spirit starts to slowly take over Ting’s life. Ting feels more and more connected to the spirit of Meen, who helps her to solve the mystery. However, the whole dealing with ghosts is not over, and it seems for Ting that fantasy and reality are entwined in yet another ghost story.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Lhorn (a.k.a. Soul) is a 2003 Thai horror film directed by Arphichard Phopairoj and starring Jakapong Bampen, Utthakorn Choyleu, Somrak Khamsing, Juralak Krittiyarattana, Yoon Maneechote, Nab Phetchpinthong, Phimporn Prapaipong, and Wannasa Thongviset.

This film is an anthology of short traditional stories from all over Thailand.
The main story is about a group of friends who enter an ancient Thai style home inherited by one of them; the purpose of their trip is to rebuild the house. Manao, one of the girls, loves reading horror stories and brings with her one of her favorite books. One night, as they are sharing by the bonfire, Manao is requested by her friends to tell them some of her favorite ghost tales she has read from her novels.

is a legend from Northern Thailand. It is about a magical tree called Bat-pha that supposedly can transform into a tranquil ghost when its owners magic powers increase. The spirit remains calm until someone identifies its host body in which case either the ghost or he who finds it has to die.

is a tale from the central region of Thailand. It is about a murder victim killed under a tree called Ta-Kien and how she plots revenge against her killer.

is the story of a woman whose spirit lives in the banana trees in the countryside. She is believed to cast magic spells on the men she loves. However, if her love is rejected, she becomes cruel and vengeful.

, the last tale, is about a ghost in Northeastern Thailand. Pob is a female ghastly spirit who loves to feast on the lower intestines of the living animals.

By the moment the stories are over, the group of friends realize that they are living their own horrifying story. As their nightmare becomes more and more scary, they begin to die one by one. Only the few survivors will be able to tell what is haunting around the old house.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Alone is a 2007 Thai horror film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom, and starring Marsha Wattanapanich, Vittaya Wasukraipaisan, and Ratchanoo Bunchootwong.

The movie tells the story of Pim, a young Thai woman, who decided to move to Korea with her husband Wee. One day, at her birthday party, a friend of hers reads her fortune with a deck of cards and tells her that there is happy news. It seems that something or someone she lost will soon come back to her. Her friend's words immediately remind Pim of her sister Ploy who died some time ago during surgery. Pim and her twin sister Ploy where born joined by the belly and their separation was something Pim insisted on largely, since she was in love with Wee and she wanted to live a life of her own. Later on after the party, Pim receives a phone call telling her that she has to return to her childhood home in Thailand as her mother suffered a stroke and she needs to go to the hospital. Soon after her arrival, Pim begins to experience strange things around her and at every moment it seems that she is not completely alone.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Heirloom is a 2005 Taiwanese suspense film directed by Leste Chen and starring Terri Kwan, and Jason Chang.

James has been living in England for several years, but after inheriting a big house, he decides to return home to Taiwan. Upon arrival, he asks his fiancee, Yo, to move in with him to the house. But soon, they and their close friends begin to experience strange things, including weird noises and mysterious footprints. Family secrets connected with the ghosts of dead fetuses could be at the bottom of the goings-on; as Yo tracks down James' only living relative for answers things become even creepier. At the end they both will realize that James has inherited not only the house but the family's darkest secrets.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic is a 2007 Hong Kong horror film directed by Herman Yau and starring Mark Cheng, Maggie Siu, Suet Lam, Tak-bun Wong, Yu Gu, and Zi-Xuan Teng.

During a visit to Thailand, detective Rockman meets a young exotic dancer named Elli with whom he has an affair, but unexpectedly Rockman is ordered to go back to Hong Kong. Before leaving he promises Elli he would return for her. However, he never manages to do it and the heart broken Elli feels she was deceived. What detective Rockman cannot imagine is the bad luck his love affair would bring for him and his family. Back in Hong Kong, a lot of unexpected events start to happen around Rockman and his wife including the mysterious death of his newborn son. Desperate, Rockman decides to work closely with Brother Sum, a very close friend and workmate, to try and stop the apparent Gong Tau (curse) that was cast on him and his family.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Scared is a 2005 Thai horror/slasher film written and directed by Pakphum Wonjinda, and starring Sumonrat Wattanaselarat, Wongthep Khunarattanrat, Amornpan Kongtrakarn, Atchara Sawangwai, Kenta Sikjiya, Buanphot Jaikanthaa, Chatchawan Sida, Kanya Rattanapetch, and Matika Arthakornsiripho.

A group of college freshmen decide to go out on a countryside field trip. On their journey, they come across some problems and after fixing some inconveniences, their bus has to cross an old wooden river bridge which seems to be the only way to get to the center of the dark forest they are heading to. When the bus is only halfway across, the bridge starts to fall apart and finally collapses; the bus falls deep into the river more than 150 feet from the surface. Nearly half the students is killed and the survivors struggle to get to a safer place. When they finally swim to the riverside, the remaining students walk into the deep forest until they reach a mysterious, ghost town. Soon after their arrival, the students begin to be cruelly murdered one by one. Only a few of them will make it alive out of such nightmare, but yet more creepy things are about to happen when they think they are safe. At the end, a sole survivor will be able to leave and discover the truth behind their long lasting curse.


Densen Uta (a.k.a. The Suicide Song) is a 2007 Japanese drama/horror film directed by Masato Harada, and starring Ryuhei Matsuda, Haruna Kojima, Atsuko Maeda, Sayaka Akimoto, and Yûko Ôshima.

The film focuses on an urban legend about a song that supposedly causes fatal effects on its listeners, to the point of even committing suicide.
While looking for her friend, Anzu Natsuno, an average student at an all-girls high school, is attracted by a mysterious singing coming from the auditorium. As she approaches, she finds out that the person singing is her classmate Kana. When Anzu start getting closer, Kana commits suicide right before her eyes. Some time later, Anzu is approached by a magazine columnist named Riku Nagasei, who is doing some research about the Infectious Song urban legend. In order to verify the urban legend, Riku convinces Anzu and some of her friends to sing the song, which they reluctantly agree. Soon after, one by one, the girls begin to kill themselves. Feeling guilty, Riku takes it upon himself to protect the remaining girls and make sure they all prevent each other from committing suicide no matter what. But the song is still spreading, reaching even Riku's own coworkers who discover some new information about its origin. Just when it seems like the end is near for all of them, Anzu remembers something from her childhood that seems to lead to the true meaning of the song and the end of the curse.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Video Clip is a 2007 Thai thriller written and directed by Pakphum Wonjinda, and starring Ngamsiri Arsira-Lertsiri and Warot Pitakanonda.

With today's advances on mobile telephones, many of these useful gadgets come with a whole variety of addons and cool options to keep their users entertained even when they are not talking. However, with the addition of new features, comes a lot o new ideas for the wrongdoers to take advantage of those who are too naive too believe that something bad can happen to them. This thriller tells the story of some guys with a growing obsession on cellphone's clip recording. Ken, a cellphone repairer finds joy in stealing the clips he finds on his customers' phones; his friend Ood enjoys having fun with girls and records his clips for sharing; and Keang, a club owner who apparently has some more business to take care of besides his pub. All together, these friends, decide to open a porn site with lots of video clips found in cellphones that they put online. But, for their own disgrace, they don't realize how their life can change in a minute and everything can come back to them and make their own lives miserable.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Darna Mana Hai is a 2003 Indian suspense/horror film directed by Prawal Raman and starring Sameera Reddy, Gaurav Kapoor, Piya Rai Chaudhary, Antara Mali, Sohail Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, and Sushant Singh.

After their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a group of college students find refuge in a deserted torn down house where they decide to spend the night. Feeling stranded on such ruins, they start telling scary stories to keep amused. There is a total of 6 secondary stories in the film that include: A husband trying to scare his wife in a deserted highway, a man stuck at a creepy hotel, a school teacher scared by his pupils' homework, a housewife scared of apples, a bizarre lift on a freeway, and a college kid with an unusual power. Besides the stories being told, the friends are unaware that they are living themselves their own particular story; and as they sit around a bonfire, some of the friends start to disappear one by one. Even though no one seems to know the whereabouts of their friends, they don't really care at the beginning and the remainder of the friends share their stories of the occult. But they soon realize that some of them are missing, and they finally decide to go look for them; that is when the real horror strikes and the friends will be running for their lives to try and escape from their own scary story.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Help is a 2008 Hong Kong horror film written and directed by Zhang Qi and starring Jia Song.

The film tells the story of Jiang Yan, a psychiatry grad-student, who seems to be developing a mental status that makes her see ghostly images and hear mysterious voices around her. As the ghastly appearances become more and more common, Jiang Yan believes such eerie occurrences are caused by the spirit of her boyfriend, whom she has killed accidentally and seems to be haunting her. Jiang feeling all confused and hopeless decides to ask her professor, who happens to be a very close friend of hers; but instead, the cold-hearted man refers her to one of his colleagues Xiao Lin, who is also his lover. Right after all this awkward incidents, Jiang starts to think that they are all platting against her. However, she does all that she can to avoid succumbing to their plot, and she tries to find a desperate way out by delving into a case study she has been working on. Nonetheless, what she is about to find out is far more serious and complicated than she could have ever imagined.