Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Takut: Faces of Fear is a 2008 Indonesian horror anthology. It comprises six different and unconnected stories directed by seven directors. The stories go from witchcraft and possession, to zombies.

Segment One: Show Unit
Directed by Rako Prijanto, and starring Marcella Zalianty, Lukman Sardi, and Donny Alamsyah.
During a party at his new apartment where he lives with his fiancee, Bayu listens to strange noises coming from the second floor. As he begins to check some places around the apartment, he decides to grab a knife for safety reasons. However, when he enters a room wielding the knife, he ends up stubbing his fiancee's young daughter. While trying to find a place to hide the body, Bayu discovers that someone has taken it and demands a ransom in order to keep the secret and give the corpse back.
Segment Two: Incarnated Naya
Directed by Riri Riza, and starring Dinna Olivia, Junior Liem, and Dewi Irawan.
Naya is a very modern and city-style girl, but she was born in a very traditional Javanese family. During a ritual secret ceremony, Naya decides to avoid staying with her elders and instead goes around looking for her cousin to seduce him. As the flirt goes about, the lights go out and Naya is left in the dark looking for her mom amidst horrible visions of mortality and strange imagery.
Segment Three: Peeper
Directed by Ray Nayoan, and starring Wiwid Gunawan, Epy Kusnandar, and Tiara.
Bambang, a man working in a theater company in the cleaning department, is used to looking at the actresses through a peeping hole in the wall. One day he is approached by one of his colleagues who tells him that one of the most beautiful performers enjoys being watched. Bambang decides to go take a look and discovers that the door of the woman's room is open. While in the room, he discovers some jars containing human body parts and he realizes the woman has strange plans for him, and everyone who dares peeping on her.
Segment Four: The List
Directed by Robby Ertanto, and starring Fauzi Baadila, Shanty, and Prisia Wulansari.
Sara, a very obsessed girl, decides to pay a shaman to perform strange voodoo-like witchcraft on her ex-boyfriend. The ritual includes eating cockroaches and a small scorpion entering the man's ear canal.
Segment Five: The Rescue
Directed by Raditya Sidharta, and starring Eva Celia, Ananda George, Tegar Satrya, Sogi Indra Dhuaja, and Reuben Elishama.
A strange virus has quickly spread around Jakarta, causing a strange mutation on people who now are wandering about looking for human flesh. Among the last survivors are Gadis and Anton who decide to star looking for a way to survive such horror.
Segment Six: Dara/Darah
Directed by The Mo Brothers (Kimo Stamboel and Timothy Tjahjanto), and starring Shareefa Daanish, Mike Muliadro, Dendy Subangil,and Ruli Lubis.
This segment is the short movie that preceded the full length Rumah Dara, released in 2010.
Dara is a chef at a very elegant steak house restaurant. However, the secret to the success of her very famous home-made beef is about to be discovered by Adjie, or so he thinks.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ta-Kien is a 2003 Thai horror film directed by Chalerm Wongpim, and starring Sorapong Chatree, Nantawat 'Tor' Asirawat and Pipat Arphirakchonnakarn.

During an animal hunting, Wittaya and Lokrai have a scary encounter with Nang Ta-Kian, the guardian of the forest. Some time later, Tong Kam,  Lokrai's son falls in love with Vittaya's daughter Porn; however, Vittaya goes instead for Trai, a civil engineer who has come to the village to coordinate the construction of a dam. As soon as the dam is completed, the village is threatened with a flood and Wittaya is asked to clear every tree, including a big scary Ta-Kian tree. But soon after he starts his task, awful events begin to take place and everyone close to him seem to be in danger. Wittaya then decides to plant a tree stub in order to appease the wrath of Ta-Kian and thus break the spell. Nonetheless, more things are yet to come his way and the spirit has more to do before letting them continue in peace.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Biotherapy is a 1986 Japanese sci-fi|horror film directed by Akihiro Kashima, and starring Jun'ichi Haruta, Yumiko Ishikawa and Hirohisa Nakata.

In this film, a group of Japanese scientists are stalked by a creepy-looking alien who systematically kills all of the them. Only one young man and his girlfriend manage to survive and discover the intentions of the creature as well as the easiest way to get rid of it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Senrei (a.k.a. Baptism Of Blood) is a 1996 Japanese horror film directed by Kenichi Yoshihara, and starring Rie Imamura, Risa Akikawa and Mie Yoshida. The film is based on Kazuo Umezu's manga of the same name.

A pretty actress is forced into retirement due to an ugly disfiguring skin disease that attacks her mainly in the face. Crazed by desperation she sets up a sinister plan that consists on transplanting her own brain into her young daughter's. As soon as she realizes of her mother's strange plan, Sakura, tries to escape in vain. After undergoing a horrible operation, Sakura is no longer who she used to be, she is now her own mother who is ready to start a new life as a normal little school girl. In her new body, she seduces the piano teacher, and tries to inherit her mother's properties to escape abroad and begin a new life. Police detective Takamatsu who is suspicious of Matsuko's disappearance starts investigating and ultimately uncovers the uncanny true behind the newly reborn woman.