Monday, June 20, 2011


Ta-Kien is a 2003 Thai horror film directed by Chalerm Wongpim, and starring Sorapong Chatree, Nantawat 'Tor' Asirawat and Pipat Arphirakchonnakarn.

During an animal hunting, Wittaya and Lokrai have a scary encounter with Nang Ta-Kian, the guardian of the forest. Some time later, Tong Kam,  Lokrai's son falls in love with Vittaya's daughter Porn; however, Vittaya goes instead for Trai, a civil engineer who has come to the village to coordinate the construction of a dam. As soon as the dam is completed, the village is threatened with a flood and Wittaya is asked to clear every tree, including a big scary Ta-Kian tree. But soon after he starts his task, awful events begin to take place and everyone close to him seem to be in danger. Wittaya then decides to plant a tree stub in order to appease the wrath of Ta-Kian and thus break the spell. Nonetheless, more things are yet to come his way and the spirit has more to do before letting them continue in peace.

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