Sunday, April 18, 2010


2022 Tsunami is a 2009 Thai drama|disaster film directed by Toranong Srichua, and starring Prinya Wongsilp, Chumporn Teppitak, Suchao Pongwilai, and Pisarn Srimunkhong.

In the year 2022 the Thailand tsunami warning system starts having evidence of a possible world wide disaster caused by volcanic eruption and earthquakes. Doctor Siam, one of the chief scientists at the center, manages to make accurate forecasts but fails to convince a prompt evacuation of many cities. At 09.45 AM on 13 April, 2022, earthquakes happen at the same time all around the world, followed by many big tsunamis, leaving thousands of deaths.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yoga is a 2009 South Korean horror film directed by Jae-yeon Yun, and starring Yoo Jin, Cha Su-yeo, and Jo Eun-ji.

One day, after meeting an old friend, Hyo-jung, decides to go to a strange Yoga academy to get some help with her appearance. Upon arriving at the institute, she is welcomed by a mysterious woman who tells Hyo-jung about certain rules to follow during the week-long intensive training. The rules are: 1. Don't eat, 2. Don't take showers within an hour after the class, 3. Don't look at the mirror, 4. Don't speak of the program outside the building, 5. Don't call anyone. As the training progresses some girls decide to break some rules, and one by one they start to disappear. At the end only one of them will be able to make it to the last day and thus reach Kundalini and discover the real beauty.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hospital is a 2005 Thai horror film directed by Pipat Jomkoh, and starring Pimalrat Pisalyabutra, Werapahp Supahppaibul, Apisada Kruakongka, and Jaturong Kolimart.

Three friends decide to go on a trip to the countryside; but one of them starts to tell ghost stories and scares the driver who ends up crashing the car against a truck. Once they wake up at the hospital, two of them discover that there is something that is no going quite well at the place. Some of the residents of the hospital look rather ghastly and the friends begin to fear for their lives. However, the truth about the hospital is far more gruesome that they can imagine.

Monday, April 5, 2010


The Untold Story is a 1993 Hong Kong crime|horror film directed by Danny Lee and Herman Yau, and starring Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Danny Lee, and Emily Kwan.

After a Mahjong game, Wong Chi Hang starts a fight against one of his play-mates and ultimately kills him. Then, he becomes the owner of a restaurant called the Eight Immortals that was property of the man he brutally killed. However, Wong killing spree doesn't stop there, and every time he has a problem he seems to be willing to solve it in the same way. Later on, as the police receive the report of some locals being missing, Wong becomes the main suspect in the events as all of the victims had a certain connection with his restaurant. Although Wong's got everything well planned and it doesn't seem to be any evidence connecting him with the victims, chief officer Lee thinks that Wong has more to tell than he's telling the police.


Dr. Lamb is a 1992 Hong Kong crime|horror film directed by Danny Lee and Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang, and starring Danny Lee, and Kent Cheng.

The film tells about a mentally unstable taxi driver, who after developing some gruesome pictures, is captured by the police. Soon after, the suspect is charged with cold blooded murder since it appears that all of the pictures depicting dead and tortured women are real.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hellevator (a.k.a. The Bottled Fools) is a 2004 Japanese Sci-Fi|horror film written and directed by Hiroki Yamaguchi, and starring Luchino Fujisaki, Yoshiichi Kawada, Ryôsuke Koshiba, and Kae Minami.

Luchino, a trouble making girl, is on her way to school when she's stopped by the police as she is suspected to have been smoking in a forbidden area. On her way to the upper levels she finds herself sharing the elevator with strange looking people. But things become even weirder when the elevator stops at an irregular floor and two crazy-looking convicts are dragged in by the police. As the elevator keeps going up, the two prisoners manage to loosen their chains and start harassing and threatening the rest of the passengers. Fearing for her life Luchino decides to do something to calm the inmates down. However, her methods are a little bit unorthodox.


Sakebi (a.k.a. Retribution) is a 2006 Japanese psychological thriller written and directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and starring Kôji Yakusho, Manami Konishi, Tsuyoshi Ihara, and Riona Hazuki .

Detective Yoshioka is in charge of investigating a homicide. During the investigations, he discovers that the victim, despite having been drowned in a pond, had sea water in the stomach. From that point on, everything detective Yoshioka finds, including a loose coat button, seems to point at him as the main suspect; however, he doesn't seem to remember any connection or close relationship with the victim.