Monday, March 25, 2013


I Saw The Devil is a 2010 South Korean crime/thriller/horror film. It was directed by , and stars , , and .

Right after his fiance is killed by a serial killer, Secret NIS agent Soo-hyun decides to take revenge and starts looking for the assassin. As Soo-hyun tells his father-in-law about his plans, the old man, a retired chief police officer, provides him with the pictures and profiles of the four main suspects. Some time after, Soo-hyun finds the first guy and after beating him pretty badly, he decides to turn it to the police. However, the second guy, Kyung-chul, turns up to be the killer so Soo-hyun decides to "play" a little with him and after a very violent beat-up he tells him that his vengeance is just starting.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Death Tube is a 2010 Japanese horror movie directed by YĆ“hei Fukuda; and starring Shoici Matsuta, Wataru Kaoru , and Ishino Atsushi.

The movie is about a young man whose online curiosity takes him to watch a web page where real murders are shown for a couple of weeks a year. The page is called Death Tube and besides prerecorded footage it also contains live steaming of real murders that are committed in a game-like fashion, kind of like the Saw movie franchise. The the beginning he is skeptic about the whole thing and doesn't even talk about it; however, the next day he finds himself trapped in a small room seemingly after having been captured by the page psychos. The young man discovers that he is in the same situation as six more people and it seems that the game is now on and there is only one person who can survive the twisted-minded game of survival.


Epitaph is a 2007 South Korean drama/thriller film directed by Jung Sik and Jung Beom-sik; and starring Jin Goo, Kim Eung-soo, Ko Joo-yeon, Kim Bo-kyeong, Lee Dong-gyoo, and Kim Tae-woo.

The film is primarily set in 1942 during the Japanese colonial time of South Korea, but it is framed by scenes set in 1979.
In a hospital back in 1941 doctors witness how death becomes the cleanser and sole healer during a very disturbing period of time. In 1979, Dr. Park receives an old photo album from his twenties in 1941 when mysterious things befell him and his colleagues. PARK was bound by his parents to marry a girl whom he never met, but fell in love with a dead woman who happened to be his arranged marriage. Meanwhile, a little girl who was apparently the only survivor a car accident was haunted by ghosts every night. After two doctors (a married couple) involved in these two stories return to their hospital from Tokyo, a series of serial murders occurs around them. (Synopsis taken from