Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Stacy: Attack Of The Schoolgirl Zombies is a 2001 Japanese black comedy|zombie film directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu, and starring Natsuki Kato, Toshinori Omi, Tomoka Hayashi, Yasutaka Tsutsui, and Hinako Saeki.

"Stacys" are young adolescent girls who, after dying during an extreme happiness outbreak, come back to life and become flesh-eating zombies. However, as opposed to many other films in the genre, the girls don't seem to be able to contaminate others by biting them. Because of this course on humanity, the world's population has been decreasing and so has the birth rate. One girl, named Eiko, decides to find herself someone who can commit to killing her right after she turns into a zombie. So, after she meets Shibukawa, everything goes from carnage to romance.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Kichiku Dai Enkai is a 1997 Japanese drama|splatter film written and directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, and starring Shigeru Bokuda, Toshiyuki Sugihara, Sumiko Mikami, and Shunsuke Sawada.

The film is about a group of gangsters who, while waiting for their leader Aizawa to be released from prison, go out of control. The group is left under the orders of Aizaw's girlfriend whose promiscuity makes him go crazy in jail and ultimately commits suicide. The band then begins to be torn apart by constant quarrels among its members. Soon, the group totally loses control and falls into a frenzy of self-destruction, ultra-violence and paranoia.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 is a 1998 Hong Kong drama|adventure film directed by Kin-Nam Cho, and starring Mark Cheng, Wai Lam, and Yolinda Yam.

While taking a bath in the river, Ma Sun Yee realizes he’s being robbed by the Wong Chung and Cheung Man Cheong, two local inept thieves. However, convinced by Ma's compassion for their predicament, Wong and Cheung invite him into their house. There, he meets Wong's sister, and Cheung's future wife, Lotus. Ma immediately falls in love with the girl; but nobody suspects that he bears a dark secret. Nevertheless, the three men pledge an alliance. Later, all of a sudden, Ma turns into a very changed man as he becomes governor. With Lotus in his mind, he takes the brothers in arms, setting up a scheme to get rid of his attackers and ultimately fulfill his own deviant sexual ambitions.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a 1994 Hong Kong drama|black comedy film directed by Bosco Lam, and starring Julie Lee, Siu-Kei Lee, and Yvonne Yung Hung.

A young woman is hired to work for a rich guy as one of his many servants. The master's wife immediately becomes jealous of the new girl due to her man constantly looking at her mainly because of her tiny feet. The wife then decides to murder the servant's future husband and blame it on her own husband and the new servant-girl. Once caught, both the master and the young girl become the victims of terrible tortures applied by the tribunal in charge of the case.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Muzan E is a 1999 Japanese horror|splatter film directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi, and starring Yuki Emoto, Naohi Hirakawa, and Ken'ichi Kanbe.

A Japanese reporter investigating some very bizarre, underground hardcore porn films comes across the existence of a snuff film. As she starts investigating, she begins to interview some people involved in the porn industry but eventually, the makers of the snuff film get really mad at her. When she gets really close to finding the responsible of the snuff film, they decide it's about time to take actions against her.


Embalming (a.k.a. EM Embalming) is a 1999 Japanese thriller|drama film directed by Shinji Aoyama, and starring Kojiro Hongo, Masatoshi Matsuo, and Yutaka Matsushige.

Miyako, a very well-known embalmer, is requested to embalm the body of a very wealthy young man who has recently passed away. However, since the very first moment Miyako begins her job, weird things begin to happen including the strange intervention of a shady Buddhist priest. But everything worsens the moment the head of the corpse goes missing; everything seems to point at the ex-girlfriend of the deceased boy as the only suspect. Miyako then decides to join inspector Kurume to try and find the missing head and finish what she started.