Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Devil Species is a 2004 Thai horror film directed by Poom Opium, and starring Suchao Phongwilai, Leana Christensaint, Chalita Chunphu, and Oliver Fever.

Dr. Diana and her father Dr. Rung have just come back from Switzerland as they received an award for their newly discovered snake bite serum. When the two doctors return to their native Thailand, they keep working in their lab filled with reptiles and a fish tank containing the body of a mutated snake-like woman. The female monster is from the opening sequence, where a woman was bitten by some sort of snake and became one herself. The doctors are keeping the monster as they want to study it. However, while manipulating some poisonous substances, Dr. Rung ends up getting sprayed in the face by the devil snake-like woman's venom and goes on to become a fanged snake-man monster who is ready to kill everyone.


Red Eye is a 2005 South Korean horror movie directed by Dong-bin Kim, and starring Shin-yeong Jang, Ji-min Kwak, Dong-kyu Lee, Hye-na Kim, and Eol Lee.

The midnight train seems to have a whole bunch of secrets that none of its passengers appear to be aware of. As a new stewardess joins the crew for the night shift, she soon realizes there are some creepy things going on. Soon, the passengers begin to die and the crew seem clueless about what is happening inside the train. Later on, it seems that the current events have some sort of connection to the crash of the same train that occurred some years ago. The now spooky train is taking everybody on a collision course and it is up to the remaining members of the crew, including Oh Mi-sun, the new stewardess, to stop it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


The Record (a.k.a. Rec) is a 2000 South Korean horror/slasher film directed by Gi-hun Kim and Jong-seok Kim, and starring Seong-min Kang, Eun-hye Park, Jae-hwan Ahn, Min Jung, and Dal Bae.

The film tells about a group of students who tired of the attitude of one of their classmates, decide to play a prank on him. To perform their plans, the teenagers decide to invite their classmate to a country house to stay there with two of the girls. However, everything goes wrong and the kid end up dead. Confused and scared because of what they have just done, the group of friends decide to burn and bury the corpse. One year later, the group has already overcome the events and all of them continue with their normal lives until one day one of them is missing and their real nightmare begins.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Mizuchi (a.k.a. Death Water) is a 2006 Japanese horror film directed by Kiyoshi Yamamoto, and starring Haruka Igawa, Nanase Hoshii, and Masaki Irieo.

Kyoko Togakure is a newspaper correspondent who after finding a dead body at a nursing home holding a suicide note with the words Death Water, decides to investigate about it. Kyoko comes across a university's professor who tells her that there is a myth regarding an underground fountain whose water is supposed to kill everyone who drinks it. With the aid of her ex-husband, Kyoko starts doing some research and what she finds regarding the Death Water is way beyond her imagination.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Eko Eko Azarak II (a.k.a. Birth Of The Wizard) is a 1996 Japanese supernatural thriller directed by Shimako Sato, and starring Kimika Yoshino, Wataru Shihodo, and Chieko Shiratori. The film is the prequel to the 1995 Eko Eko Azarak (Wizard Of Darkness).

A Japanese archaeologist discovers a mummy from the Meiji era and decides to report his finding, but unaware that the mummy is, in fact, possessed by an evil spirit, he runs out, leaving his young assistant behind. Soon, the mummy comes back to life and kills the assistant, then the evil spirit takes over her body. Immediately, the evil spirit begins to search for Misa Kuroi, a seemingly normal high school student. Later on, as Misa meets Saiga, she discovers that it is her destiny to defeat this evil spirit known as Kirie; however, she needs Saiga's help to do it as she has yet to awaken her wizard powers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


City Horror Series: The Evil Spirit is the last episode in the 2002 South Korean horror TV series City Horror; directed by Chung Heung-soon, and starring Byun Jung-soo, Chung Jae-kon, Kim Jung-nan, and Shim Hyung-tak.

Young TV hostess Cha is working on a new documentary so she decides to go shoot at her hometown. As soon as she arrives, she discovers that lots of her friends were married, but their wives and husbands died right after their marriage. Also, being back makes her think of Yan, a young girl, who was treated badly by Chan's friends when they were young. Yan was killed by a fire caused by Cha's friends; even though Cha tried to prevent this to happen, it was too late. Now, twenty years later it seems that Yan is back to take revenge on her wrongdoers.


City Horror Series: The Song Of The Dead is the third episode in the 2002 South Korean horror TV series City Horror. The film was produced by Lee Gyu-huan and starring Seo Tai-hua, Kim Ga-yun, Ha Li-soo, and Kim Hyun-jin.

In the year 553 A.D. while leading her army against Sun Law, General Bai Lan was captured and buried alive by the enemy. Two thousand years later, singer We Lai and her producer Wing Man, decide to rent a studio which hasn't been used in a long time. What the couple ignore is that the studio was built on the same place Bai Lan was buried.


City Horror Series: The Stage Of Evil Spirit is the second episode in the 2002 South Korean TV series City Horror. Directed by Lee Gyu-Hwan, this episode stars Choi Jung-yoon, Yoo Chan, Lee Ji-sun, Sung Ji-ru, Kim Soo-jin and Kim Myung-hoon.

The drama club at a university is rehearsing to put on a play for the graduation ceremony. The director has chosen Sha Yan as the main actress, but his sister Yu Mei is pretty upset and doesn't want to play a secondary role. As the rehearsals continue, strange things begin to happen in the set, and it makes Sha want to quit her role. After some of the people involved in the play die, the rest of the crew decide to find out the truth about the play and the apparent haunting that is been gone for years at the little theater.


City Horror Series: Scream is one of the four episodes in the 2002 South Korean horror TV series City Horror. This episode was written by Gyu-Huan Lee, and starring Jae-huan An, Ho-kyung Go, Chae-yeon Kim, and Gee-hyun Kim.

As the students of a medical school begin to die suddenly, some of the remaining students decide to investigate whatever is happening around their school. What they manage to find is that there is a legend about the basement being supposedly haunted by the spirit of a woman who died some years before. At the end only a couple of students manage to survive and try to find a way to stop the curse and send the spirit of the woman to rest in peace once and for all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Three (a.k.a. Three...Extremes II) is a 2002 Asian horror film. Despite its international name, the film is actually the original movie and predecessor in name and concept to the more famous Three...Extremes released in 2004. The movie consists of three segments directed by three different directors and in three different languages in the following order:
Memories, South Korean segment directed by Ji-woon Kim, and starring Hye-su Kim, Bo-seok Jeong, and Jeong-won Choi.
The Wheel, Thai segment directed by Nonzee Nimibutr, and starring Suwinit Panjamawat, Kanyavae Chatiawaipreacha, and Pornchai Chuvanon.
Going Home, Hong Kong segment directed by Peter Chan, and starring Leon Lai, Eric Tsang, and Eugenia Yuan.

In the first short, a woman wakes up on a street and she is totally disoriented. She has no idea where she is and how to get back home. Meanwhile, a husband cannot remember why his wife left him and he has no idea what connections there are between her disappearance and his constant visions of a black haired creepy-looking woman.

After a Thai puppet master dies one of his disciples take over. Later one, he realizes that his master didn't die an ordinary death; he died because of a curse, a curse brought about by the improper ownership of ancient puppets. It seems that the puppets belong to their proper master, and whoever dares to claim them will suffer a horrible death.

In Hong Kong a single father decides to move to a new apartment complex with his son. Since they first move, the young kid senses that there is something that's not quite right about their neighbors. After the little boy gets lost, his father decides to look for him only to end up being kidnap by a crazy neighbor who thinks he can resurrect his long since dead wife.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Junk is a 2000 Japanese zombie/horror film written and directed by Atsushi Muroga, and starring Shû Ehara, Kaori Shimamura, Tate Gouta, Miwa, and Nobuyuki Asano.

When a Japanese-American military experiment goes wrong, it causes corpses to rise from the dead and become zombies. To try and stop the zombie outbreak the US army decides to destroy the facility and cover up the incident with the aid of one of the original scientists involved in the project. But things go really wrong as before the army could make it to the place, a group of jewel thieves make the facility their temporary hideout. While the thieves wait to meet some Yakuza members who will buy the stolen jewelry, the zombies break out leaving no choice for everyone but to run for their lives.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Congkak is a 2008 Malaysian horror film directed by Ahmad Idham, and starring Nanu Baharuddin, Erynne Erynna, Riezman Khuzaini, and Ruminah Sidek.

Right after Kazman buys his new house in the country, he decides to take his family there for a vacation. Despite his wife's protests they end up going to the house which is located near a lake. Since the very first moment in the house his wife, Sufia, feels that there is someone observing them. To make things even worse, Sufia keeps having recurrent nightmares that involve her youngest daughter playing with an old woman or totally disfigured and looking like a monster. Everything becomes creepier when after a dream involving her daughter playing with a Congkak, Sufia finds her daughter and her husband playing with one. Later on, when Lisa, the youngest daughter disappears, Pak Tua, the oldest resident in that area, comes to help the family to locate the missing girl and try and solve the mistery that surrounds the house.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sumpah Ini Pocong is a 2009 Indonesian comedy/horror movie directed by Helfi C.H. Kardit, and starring Julia Perez, Jarwo Kwat, Aming Sugandhi, and Udjie Tongky.

Eager for power, Sugandhi starts to use all possible methods to be re-elected as chief officer, including black magic. He follows carefully the instructions of his spiritual advisor and carries out the Oath Pocong ritual to maintain his good image and authority in the community. However, things start to change when Sugandhi and his wife Nani, are frequently haunted by some shroud ghosts. Soon after, Sugandhi will have to make some decisions that will turn his life upside down.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Fu-Rai is a 2005 Japanese thriller/horror film written and directed by Shugo Fujii, and starring Shûgo Oshinari, Ayaka Maeda, Kazuo Yashiro, and Fumiaki Mitsuyama.

Four young people, one woman and three men, wake up in a small room. They realize they all are naked and covered in a white flour-like powder. They have no idea who brought them there or why they are there either. Later on, as some men wearing strange suits enter the room, one of the prisoners manage to escape but only to end up in even more trouble than he was before. It seems impossible for them to escape and the men in white seem to be incapable of telling them what is happening.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


999-9999 is a 2002 Thai horror film co-written and directed by Peter Manus, and starring Chulachak Chakrabongse, Sririta Jensen, Paula Taylor, Thepparit Raiwin, Norajan Sangigern, and Titinun Keatanakon.

Right after Rainbow enters her new school in Phuket, Thailand, her new classmates decide to contact her and ask her to join their little gang. The main interest of her new friends is to discover whatever happened in her formal school at Chiang Mai where one of the students was found impaled in the school's flagpole. After a little Truth or Dare-like game Rainbow finally decide to tell them the truth about the accident. It seems that the victim, right before dying, received a call on her cell phone from the number 999-9999. According to Rainbow, everybody who calls that number is supposed to have their wishes fulfilled. Despite Rainbow's explanation, her new friends decide to call the number and later on one by one all of them call the number and ultimately die. At the end, only Rainbow and her friend Sun are left alive to solve the mystery if they manage to survive.

Monday, September 14, 2009


4 Horror Tales: Dark Forest is a 2006 South Korean horror/zombie film written and directed by Jeong-min Kim, and starring Young-joon Kim, Jong-hyeok Lee, Choong-seon Park, Yi-hyeon So, and Seong-min Choi. The film is the final installment in the 2006 4 Horror Tales movie series.

Woo-jin, Jung-ah and three of their friends decide to go mountain climbing. On their way to the forest, they decide to take a short cut and end up entering a part of forest which is off-limits, and it is divided by a big fence. The friends choose not to pay attention and break into the seemingly nice and quiet forest. Soon after entering, Se-eun and Joon-hoo are wounded and the group is faced with a serious obstacle to keep their journey. They decide to stop and try to call for help but they are disconnected from any area where a cell phone is available and effectively cut off from the world. Jung-ah is the one who seems particularly more uneasy than the rest of the group as she is involuntarily able to foresee the future. The stranded and frightened group will soon be facing the forest real secrets and they will realize there is not going back.


4 Horror Tales: D-Day/Roommates is a 2006 South Korean film directed by Eun-kyung Kim, and starring Eun-Seong, Jin-yong Heo, Joo-ryeong Kim, Ri-na Kim, Yeong-jin Sin, and Joo-hee Yoo. The film is the third installment in the 2006 4 Horror Tales movie series.

The film tells about a group of girls who after having failed the exams to enter the university, have been sent to an intensive study academy for a year. The academy is completely shut off from the outside world and the girls live under extremely rigid rules fit for the military, or prison that are constantly reinforced by the dean. All individual acts merit humiliation and corporal punishment. Since their entrance in the academy, roommates Yoo-jin, Eun-soo, Bo-ram, and Da-young become friends and decide to join forces to study hard and survive such a terrible place. But to make things even worse for the girls, all of them start to be haunted by strange visions of a fire that’s said to have killed nearly all of the academy’s students three years earlier. However, the girls begin to develop sickness due to their confinement, and their worries increase as their visions are not only related to fire but they also dream of cut up and bloodied corpses scattered around the school.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


4 Horror Tales: February 29 is a 2006 South Korean horror film directed by Jong-hun Jung, and starring Eun-jin Baek, Yoon-jeong Choi, and Ho Im. The film is another installment in the 2006 4 Horror Tales movie series.

One night, while working at a tollgate booth, Ji-yeon is frightened by a mysterious person inside a black car whose hands where blood stained. Her fear becomes stronger after Jong-sook, a close friend, tells her that twelve years earlier a bus which transported some prisoners caused a traffic accident and all the prisoners involved died, and some of their corpses disappeared. It seems that ever since, a murder has occurred at the tollgate on February 29th, every four years. Soon, more strange events start to happen around Ji-yeon, including a woman who seems to be wearing her exact same cloths everyday. Then on the very date, Jong-sook is mysteriously killed, so Ji-yeon decides to star looking for the truth about the infamous date with the help of two detectives.


4 Horror Tales: Forbidden Floor is a 2006 South Korean horror film directed by Il-soo Kwon, and starring Seo-hyeong Kim, and Yoo-jung Kim. It is part of the 4 Horror Tales movie series.

Right after Min-young and her six-year-old daughter, Joo-hee, move into a new apartment, she begins to feel that there is something weird going on in the building. She's also concerned as her downstairs neighbor keeps saying that he cannot stand the noise above him, even though Min-young and her daughter live quietly. Soon after, Min-young has to deal with her daughter's unprecedented odd behavior and continual run-ins with a bizarre woman and her child. Min-young starts to believe that Joo-hee has fallen sick and is mentally perturbed by the mysterious events surrounding the new apartment, so she decides to look for an answer. As she digs deeply into the history of the building, some of the residents begin to die mysteriously; then, Min-young realizes that in order to help her daughter overcome her problems, she needs to find the truth behind the mysterious building and the connections between her daughter's physical and mental state and the weird-looking woman and her son.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Otoshimono (a.k.a. Ghost Train) is a 2006 Japanese horror film directed by Takeshi Furusawa, and starring Erika Sawajiri, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Shun Oguri, and Aya Sugimoto.

On their way home Nana and her sister Noriko find Takeshi at the train station who tells them that a couple of minutes before a strange woman had told him he was going to die soon. Later on, Takeshi is reported missing and Noriko shows her sister, Nana, a ticket and says she found the ticket Takeshi was holding the day he disappear. As Noriko touches the ticket, she has a vision of the death of a baby and its mother. The next day, when Noriko is back from school, she sees her friend Takeshi walking on the other side of the train station; she follows him only to get lost too and is never seen again. As Nana finds out about her sister's disappearance, she realizes it has something to do with the vision she had as well as with the missing Takeshi. But this is just the beginning of the nightmare that awaits her as there is something creepier than she could imagine lurking in the shadows of the metro tunnels.


Bangku Kosong (a.k.a. Empty Chair) is a 2006 Indonesian horror film co-written and directed by Helfi C.H. Kardit, and starring Adhitya Putri, Cathy Sharon (as V.J. Cathy), Bella Esperance, and Tities Saputra.

Mrs. Grace is assigned as the new teacher for a female only school replacing Mrs. Melisa who left the school since she felt she couldn't stand the attitude and behavior of many of the girls who bullied their classmates all the time. Since the very first day in class, Mrs. Grace orders Dinda, one of the students, to fill an empty seat in front of the teacher's desk which has always been empty. All the girls know that there's something awkward about the chair and fear something might happen to Dinda. Right after moving to her new assigned seat, Dinda start feeling a presence and a lot of weird things begin to happen to her. Everything around Dinda seems to be now connected to Clara, a students that mysteriously disappear four years ago. Along with Mrs. Grace, Dinda decides to investigate the secrets behind the "empty chair" and whatever happened to Clara and the strange death of Mila, Clara's closest friend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Setan Budeg (a.k.a. Deaf Ghost) is a 2009 Indonesian comedy/horror film directed by Findo Purwono, and starring Dewi Perssik, Saipul Jamil, and Uli Auliani.

In Jakarta, three body hunters have been assigned with the job of finding unidentified corpses around the city. One day, while doing their job, the three men are surprised when a female ghost appears in front of them; later on, they realize that the spirit is that of a deaf girl named Lala, whose twin sister Anita has been looking for. While the body hunters keep looking for Lala's body, they are unaware that a vengeful spirit is following them everywhere.


The Host a 2006 South Korean thriller/monster film directed by Joon-ho Bong, and starring Kang-ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon, Hae-il Park, Du-na Bae, and Ah-sung Ko.

Right after an American scientist decided to pour some highly unstable chemicals in the laboratory sink, some animals from the Han river started to mutate. A few years later, as some locals where fishing in the river, they spotted something swimming in the river that seemed a little too different from what they where used to. Then one day, Gang-du, a seemingly slow-minded man, is delivering a meal to some patrons, and sees some people gathering along the river. As he joins them, they stand near the side of the river and point at something under a bridge. It is one of the mutated creatures, now fully grown. It drops into the water, and moves towards shore. While running from the creature, Gang-du comes across his daughter and grab her by the hand; but after a strike from the monster the girl is snatched away from Gang-du, ending up being taken away by the creature. Now, Gang-du, with the help of his family, has to fight against the government and the creature itself to try and save his daughter.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


New Red Room: The Broken Dolls (a.k.a. Red Room 2) is a 2000 Japanese horror film directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi, and starring Miyuki Katô, Yukio Kokago, Salmon Sakeyama, Yûka Takahashi, and Yuuken Yoshida.

Being the sequel to the 1999 film Red Room, this installment deals with the same topic. Four people who enter a contest to win ten thousand Yen are put in a small room where they have to play the King Game. The game lasts until there is only one survivor in the room who will eventually walk out with the big prize.


Red Room: The Forbidden King Game is a 1999 Japanese horror film directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi, and starring Hiroshi Kitasenju, Sheena Nagamori, Mayumi Ookawa, and Yuuki Tsukamoto.

The film tells the story of four people who, in search for easy money, decide to enter a contest in which they have to go to the limits to get the big prize of ten thousand Yen. To win such an outrageous game, the contestants receive four cards that they have to shuffle and deal in order to start the game. Whoever draws the king card selects two other contestants to enter a cage where one performs the most gruesome acts upon his or her unlucky victim. It is a game in which the losers will go home in body bags while the winner, if any, will be able to get out with the money.


The Chasing World (a.k.a. Real Onigokko) is a 2008 Japanese thriller directed by Issei Shibata, and starring Takuya Ishida, Mitsuki Tanimura, and Rio Matsumoto.

All around Japan, everybody whose last name is Sato is beginning to die mysteriously. While all this is happening, high school student Tsubasa Sato ends up in a parallel world after a fight with gangsters. Everything seems to be the same, except for his friends who act different from who they used to be. After a further explanation, Tsubasa understands that there is a horrible game going on in which everybody named Sato is also dying in this world. Tsubasa eventually realizes that the parallel world is somewhat linked to his own world; and the people who die in any of the worlds, ends up dead in the other one. Every time the siren sounds, Tsubasa has to run for his own life and also try protect his sister who, of course, by having the same last name, is in danger too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat is a 2009 Indonesian horror film directed by Nayato Fio Nuala, and starring Uwie Jasmine, Julia Pérez, Rizky Mocil, and Imelda Lubis.

Andini has constant dreams of her sister Miranda who works as a nurse at a hospital. Her sadness grows stronger and her dreams turn into nightmares. As Andini starts searching information about her sister, she finds out that she had a little fight with, Idra, a doctor from the same hospital right after she told him she was pregnant with his baby. It also seems that Sarah, the doctor's fiancee, is also being haunted by creepy apparitions. As everybody becomes even more worried about Miranda, Idra decides to start looking for her to. It seems that there is a weird connection between Sarah's and Andini's nightmares and visions and Miranda's disappearance.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Dead Waves is a 2005 Japanese horror film directed by Yôichirô Hayama, and starring Toshihiro Wada, Kanji Furutachi, Miho Hirata, Akiko Esaki, and Shihori Kanjiya.

While trying to increase their ratings for a paranormal TV show, the producers come across a man who insists on having his sister exorcised. To combat their low ratings, the producers visit the siblings' residence and perform an exorcism on the young woman but the procedure goes horribly wrong as some strange things begin to happen. Meanwhile one of the producers receives some information regarding Dead Waves signals from malign spirits that combine with television waves. Based on his investigations, and with the aid of a psychiatrists, he begins to believe in the existence of the waves when he realizes that increased numbers of local suicides, including that of his ex-girlfriend, coincide with his show.


The Girls Rebel Force Of Competitive Swimmers is a 2007 Japanese horror/zombie film directed by Kôji Kawano, and starring Mizuka Arai, Sasa Handa, Yuria Hidaka, and Hiromitsu Kiba.

The young and beautiful Aki is new to an all-girl school. As soon as she arrives, she is asked to join the swimming team as they are preparing for a competition, and one of the members has just quit. But during this first day for Aki, there is also a new epidemic disease spreading around school for which all the girls are supposed to get vaccinated in order to keep everybody from being infected. As the doctors and teachers begin to vaccinate all the girls against the disease, the epidemic breaks out and all those who get infected, suddenly mutate into man-eating zombies. Aki seems to be the only one to know what's going, and decides to organize a defense posse with the aid of the girls from the swim team.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Volume Two is a 2004 Japanese horror anthology. It consists of seveal stories directed by different directors.

Episode 1: Off The Shelf; directed by Akio Yoshida, and starring Ikkei Watanabe.
Episode 2: Stones; directed by Keisuke Toyoshima, and starring Kazuhiro Nakahara.
Episode 3: My Sister's Room; directed by Keisuke Toyoshima, and starring Nobuko Sakuma and Kenta Uchino.
Episode 4: The Train; directed by Ryûta Miyake, and starring Kurume Arisaka and Kei Ishibashi.
Episode 5: The Lover; directed by Norio Tsuruta, and starring Misato Tachibana and Ryota Matsushima.
Episode 6: Take Good Care Of Him; directed by Kei Horie, and starring Kanji Tsuda, Joe Hyuga and Atsuko Rukawa.
Episode 7: Let's Play; directed by Toru Moriyama.
Episode 8: A Motel; directed by Takafumi Ota, and starring Mika Mifune, Yuko Daike, and Koichi Kase.
Episode 9: The Garden; directed by Hiroshi Takahashi, and starring Shoko Nakahara and Yoko Chosokabe.
Episode 10: Don't Even Open; directed by Kei Horie, and starring Mizuki Horinouchi, Akira Takahashi and Kiriko Shimizu.
Episode 11: Getting Closer; directed by Hirohisa Sasaki, and starring Mayuka Suzuki.
Episode 12: Please Don't; directed by Yûdai Yamaguchi, and starring Youzaburo Ito, Kaoru Mizuki, Satomi Ishii, and Makoto Kamijo.
Episode 13: No More, Please; directed by Yûdai Yamaguchi, and starring Youzaburo ito, Kaoru Mizuki, Satomi Ishii, Makoto Kamijo, and Hitokatsu Kihara.
Episode 14: Come, If You Dare; directed by Yûdai Yamaguchi, and starring Youzaburo Ito, Kaoru Mizuki, Satomi Ishii, and Makoto Kamijo.
Episode 15: Fox And A Bath; directed by Hirohisa Sasaki, and starring Yoji Tanaka and Yuni Takimoto.
Episode 16: An Interrogation; directed by Kei Horie, and starring Toshio Kakei, Toshiya Sakai, and Yukiko Okamoto.
Episode 17: Family Crest; directed by Hirohisa Sasaki, and starring Hitomi Miwa and Yumi Yoshiyuki.
Episode 18: Hand Prints; directed by Takafumi Ota, and starring Yukijiro Hotaru and Naho Takeyama.


Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Volume One is a 2003 Japanese horror anthology. The film contains fifteen short stories directed by different directors.

Epidode 1: The Elevator
; directed by Takashi Shimizu, and starring Rina Uchiyama and Kenji Mizuhashi.
Epidode 2: The School Excursion; directed by Ryûta Miyake, and starring Riko Kurita and Nana Usami.
Epidode 3: Kengo Nishioka; directed by Norio Tsuruta, and starring Kaoru Okunuki and Taro Suwa.
Epidode 4: The Visitor; directed by Keisuke Toyoshima, and starring Natsuki Uematsu and Makoto Sakurai.
Epidode 5: Covering the 100 Tales; directed by Ichirô Nakayama, and starring Tomoka Kurotani.
Epidode 6: Cassette Tape; directed by Shirô Sano, and starring Nao Omori and Iniki Z.
Epidode 7: Spilt Water; directed by Norio Tsuruta, and starring Mako Ishino ann Erika Suzuki.
Epidode 8: The Backward Suit; directed by Ryûta Miyake, and starring Nobuto Okamoto and Megumi Kobashi.
Epidode 9: Examination Room #3 - Part One; directed by Akio Yoshida, and starring Jun Kaname and Machiko Ono.
Epidode 10: Examination Room #3 - Part Two; directed by Akio Yoshida, and starring Jun Kaname and Machiko Ono.
Epidode 11: Forgotten Item; directed by Ryo Nanba, and starring Tomoko Tabata.
Epidode 12: Video; directed by Hirokatsu Kihara, and starring Asumi Miwa and Hitomi Miwa.
Epidode 13; A Drop of Blood; directed by Eiji Arakawa, and starring Mina Shimizu.
Epidode 14: Enlightenment; directed by Takashi Shimizu, and starring Rina Uchiyama.
Epidode 15: Waiting Time; directed by Takashi Shimizu, and starring Kenji Mizuhashi and Rina Uchiyama.