Monday, November 30, 2009


Kazuo Umezz's Horror Theater: Volume 2 is a 2005 Japanese drama/horror anthology. The complete collection comprises three volumes each of them with two unrelated short stories. All of the tales written by popular manga author Kazuo Umezu.

Snake Girl: directed by Noboru Iguchi, and starring Ruriko Narumi, Arisa Nakamura, and Riko Suzuki.
After experiencing some gruesome events at her school, Yumiko is sent to spend the summer vacation with some relatives in the countryside. Soon after arriving, she feels some sort of rejection from the locals who avoid her and look at her weird. It seems that everything has to do mainly with a local superstition regarding the appearance of a snake-like woman who will consume the town.

The Wish: directed by Atsushi Shimizu, and starring Natsumi Okumura, Toshinori Omi, and Kyôko Toyama.
Hitoshi, a young middle school student, is always concerned about his lack of friends. One day he finds a piece of wood that looks like a human head and decides to make himself a new wooden friend. Some time later, when a new friend enters Hitoshi's life, his friendship with the wooden man becomes really creepy and much more difficult than he imagined.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Kazuo Umezz's Horror Theater: Volume 1 is a 2005 Japanese drama/horror anthology. The complete collection comprises three volumes each of them with two unrelated short stories. All of the tales written by popular manga author Kazuo Umezu.

Bug House: directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi, and starring Tamaki Ogawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima , and Hisako Shirata.
A young couple see how their marriage is drifting away. All of a sudden, they come up with a solution for their problems. Referring to Kafka's book The Metamorphosis, each day they survive their misunderstandings by morphing into a more tolerant self.

Diet: directed by Tadafumi Ito, and starring Naomi Kaizuka, Miku Ueno, and Yuki Tsujimoto.
A young and pretty high school girl tries by any means to get one of her classmates to notice her. However, he keeps rejecting her what makes her feel really frustrated. One day, she looks herself at the mirror and discovers she is grossly overweight. Now that she knows the reason why she's being rejected, she will try to put an end to her problem.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Invitation Only is 2009 Taiwanese slasher horror film directed by , and starring Bryant Chang, Vivi Ho, Jerry Huang, and Kristian Brodie.

An ordinary chauffeur is sent by his boss to represent him in a pompous party. Soon after his arrival, the young man is treated as one of the VIP guests and receives all the privileges he is entitled to. The party host promises to give everybody the gift of their dreams. But after the newest members in his club are taken away to receive their presents, things become extreme weird. Soon, one by one the new members star to die, and it seems that managing to escape alive is their newest most precious dream.


The Boy From Hell is a 2004 Japanese horror film directed by Mari Asato, and starring Mitsuru Akaboshi, Mirai Yamamoto, and Baku Numata. The movie is the first of six short stories in a collection entitled Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror that features different Japanese horror film directors.

After her only sons dies, a prominent surgeon decides to take a witch's advice and try to resurrect him. However, things don't come out as expected and the child turns into a flesh eater monster. It will be up to her mother to decide whether the kid can continue his human flesh frenzy, or has to go straight to hell, where he belongs.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Hitori Kakurenbo (a.k.a. Hide And Seek) is a 2009 Japanese horror film co-written and directed by Masashi Yamada, and starring Yukie Kawamura, Mayuko Kawakita, Masahiro Usui, and Ben Yuzawa.

A new tendency is keeping Japanese teenagers busy in front of their computers. This time is about a "game" named Hitori Kakurenbo. The game consists on stuffing a doll or teddy bear with rice and other items and then tying it. After this logistics are done, there comes a kind of ritual in which the toy receives someones name and a task, the performer should then hide to avoid being haunted. However, after some students at a local Tokyo school start to disappear, a teacher decides to investigate what the game is all about; but, she becomes more involved in the game which happens to be even scarier than she could have thought.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Darah Janda Kolong Wewe is a 2009 Indonesian comedy/horror film directed by Mamahit Luigi Donie, and starring Mario Pratama, Shiddiq Kamidi, Dian Aditya, Lia Ladysta, Iva Novanda, and Andini.

Gono has always had very crooked teeth and he is treated by everybody as the ugly boy. However, regardless of his appearance, Gono is crazy about the beautiful girls from pop music trio Macan. To make his dreams of having one of the girls as his girlfriend, Gono decides to go to a local shaman to cast a spell and call upon the demon know as Kolong Wewe. According to the shaman, the she-demon will help Gono get the girl but there will also be some consequences. Gono then becomes a different-looking person; but because of his carelessness, he ends up being haunted by the Kolong Wewe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Suster Ngesot: The Movie is a 2007 Indonesian horror film directed by Arie Azis, and starring Nia Ramadhani, Donita, Mike Lewis, and Lia Waode.

Vira and Silla are two new nurses that are assigned a crappy run-down room to stay, as the rest of the rooms are already occupied. Since the very first moment they enter the room, they start to feel that there is something strange going on in the place. Plus, Vira is continuously haunted by the presence of a dirty diary that appears to her and depending on the letter showing, someone she knows would die. Soon they discover that someone died in the house twenty years ago, and the girls cannot help but feel even scarier.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Black Night (Hak Yae) is an Asian horror film co-written and diredted by Takahiko Akiyama, Tanit Jitnukul and Patrick Leung; and starring Annie Liu, Dylan Kuo, Takashi Kashiwabara, Asaka Seto, Pitchanart Sakakorn, and Athipan Chantapichai. The film is a Hong Kong, Japanese and Thai co-production. It is divided into three unrelated segments.

Next Door (Hong Kong): directed by Patrick Leung. Starring Annie Liu, Dylan Kuo Pin Chao, and Race Wong.
Jane returns home after three months and decides to look for her boyfriend, Joe. However, she soon discovers that he is having an affair with his beautiful next-door neighbor, Hosie. But there is something about Hosie that none of them knows and it's about to make their lives miserable.

Dark Hole (Japan): directed by Takahiko Akiyama. Starring Takashi Kashiwabara, Asaka Seto, and Tomorowo Taguchi.
Yuki has lately been suffering from terrifying nightmares. One day, a boy in a yellow poncho who appears in her nightmares makes himself present in her real life. After this event, flashbacks regarding Yuki's past begin to haunt her. Encouraged by Satoshi, her boyfriend, Yuki decides to finally go see a psychiatrist. Under her doctor's hypnosis, she starts to reveal about the secrets of her past, and the real reasons behind her nightmares.

The Lost Memory (Thailand): directed by Tanit Jitnukul. Starring Pitchanart Sakakorn, Kajonsak Ratananisai, and Nutsha Bootsri.
Prang, a single mother living with her son, lives in constant paranoia, after a car accident. To make things even worst, she keeps having visions of a strange woman. Later, she realizes the woman is her friend and decides to trace back her past and try to remember whatever happened before the accident.


Hikiko: Urban Legend Story is a 2008 Japanese 3D animation horror film written and directed by Kaisei Kishi, and starring Daiki Ueda, Saitô Mizuki, Mizuki Saito, and Daisuke Suzuki.

School can sometimes be very traumatizing for children as they can realize that classmates can be really cruel. Satoko is the new girl that's been transferred to Satoshi's class in elementary school. From the very first day, she is bullied and tormented by her classmates, and even looked down by teachers. Despite everything, she finds Satoshi's sympathy and friendship. But there are some secrets not even Satoshi knows about Satoko and soon things will become really scary.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Inagawa Junji's Horror Of A Shiver is a 2002-2003 Japanese horror anthology directed by Tatsurô Kashihara and Taichi Noumoto, and starring Junji Inagawa. This is the second installment in the Inagawa Junji's Horror Anthology; as with the previous one, this is divided into four unrelated short stories.

Lamp Of Peony
A young man receives the visit of his long lost lover. However, he later realizes she is not the same person he fell in love with, and that she has a dark and creepy secret.

Two high schools girls experience the real meaning behind an urban legend. They have a face-to-face encounter with the Kuma Onna (She-Bear) who is said to collect unusual mementos from her victims.

Two journalists from a magazine decide to go on the field and research about the legend of Yamamba. The legend tells about a man-eating demon, but the two friends will go deeper into the story.

Nurari Hyon
This short is about a friendly ghost that appears before a boy whom he befriends. Even though the ghost seems to be playful and harmless, it turns out to be much more courageous than everybody thought he could be.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Inagawa Junji's Horror Of Legend is a 2002-2003 Japanese horror anthology directed by Taichi Noumoto and Kiyomi Yada, and starring Junji Inagawa. The film is divided into four unrelated short stories.

Guardian Angel
After her grandma died a young woman feels alone and desperate. She tries by any means to commit suicide but fails in very attempt. She finally remembers her grandmother's words and decides to move on.

Trip Of Broken Hearts
Two young women decide to take a trip to forget about their love problems. However, only one of them starts the trip and the other decides to join later on. The only problem is that it looks like the hotel they chose seems to be haunted.

A medical trainee is given the task of taking care of a dead boy's body. However, when he gets to the morgue, he finds the boy's mom already waiting for him. To the doctor's surprise, the woman insists that her son is still alive and that he should help him.

Lost Souls
After a long trip by the lake, a young couple decide to stop by a restaurant and have a plate of noodles. Since the very first moment they enter the place, they are advice not to look to the other costumers. However, the task may be more difficult than they think.


Tiyanaks is a 2007 Filipino horror film co-written and directed by Mark A. Reyes, and starring Rica Peralejo, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, J.C. de Vera, and Nash Aguas.

A group of college students decide to go on a field-trip for the Eastern holidays. However, on their way to the place they were supposed to go, they get lost and have to spend the night at the first house they encounter. At first, the owner of the house looks reluctant to having the youngsters stay at her house, but after further considerations, she decides to let them stay. But a lot of creepy things start to happen outside in the woods. Then, everybody at the house has to start running for their lives, as a group of child-like demons named Tiyanaks are out to hunt them.


The Unbelievable is a 2009 Hong Kong shockumentary film directed by Chan Tat-Nin, and starring Rachel Chan Hiu-Wa and Szeto Six Ching.

The film is based on a popular Hong Kong TV program about paranormal activity around town and abroad. The film is a further exploration on the unseen and unexplainable events. It follows the film crew to mysterious locations in Thailand. What they never expected is how horrifying their journey would be. Their encounters of unexplained occurrences take them to face strange rituals all over Thailand. The crew is led by a renown parapsychologist, and their findings become so gruesome that they can barely bear them sometimes.

Friday, November 20, 2009


All Night Long 2: Atrocity is a 1992 Japanese exploitation film written and directed by Katsuya Matsumura, and starring Masashi Endô, Takamitsu Okubo, Masahito Takahashi, Ryôka Yuzuki, and Ayaka Hizubaki. The film is the second in the original All Night Long movie trilogy.

A lonely computer nerd tries to live a peaceful life. However, all of a sudden, he finds himself being stalked and bullied by a gang under the command of a deviant homosexual. The leader of the gang wants to use the nerd for their brutal S&M activities. Soon, the nerd will meet new friends and will try to stay away from the gang and pay whatever debt he has with them. But one night, while sharing with his new friends, the nerd receives a visit from the gang, and it seems that they have gruesome plans for him and his friends. However, it won't be too long until the tables start to turn.


Kuntilanak 3 (a.k.a. The Chanting 3) is a 2008 Indonesian horror film co-written and directed by Rizal Mantovani, and starring Julie Estelle, Cindy Valerie, and Ida Iasha. The film is the last installment in the Kuntilanak movie trilogy that started in 2006.

The film focuses again in the character of Samantha and her search to end up with her curse regarding the Kuntilanak demon. Along her journey, Sam meets a group of youngsters who are on a mission to find their missing friends in the woods. Every event and twist is connected to Sam and her curse to summon the Kuntilanak she-devil. It seems that the old witch who lives deep in the jungle is the only one who can stop the curse and free Samantha for ever from it. However, that doesn't seem to be in the witch's plan, and Samantha and her new friends will have to face her if they want to get out of there alive.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Kuntilanak 2 (a.k.a. The Chanting 2) is a 2007 Indonesian horror film directed by Rizal Mantovani, and starring Julie Estelle, Evan Sanders, Sutan Amanullah, and Cindy Valerie.

Samantha has decided to move out of her haunted boarding house where she learned about her ability to summon a Kuntilanak demon. But besides trying to get rid of her evil spirit, she is now escaping from the Mangkoedjiwo Sect who is seeking revenge over the death of Sri Sukmarahimi. Agung, Samantha's boyfriend is now recuperating from his own trauma, and is looking for her to help her. To try and solve her problems, Sam sets herself in a new foster family to deal with her dark side. But the Mangkoedjiwos are behind her and won't stop until they have taken over Samantha's powers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Kuntilanak (a.k.a. The Chanting) is a 2006 Indonesian horror film co-written and directed by Rizal Mantovani, and starring Julie Estelle, Evan Sanders, Alice Iskak, and Ratu Felisha.

Samantha decides to move to a boarding house located in a suburban area. Ever since she arrives, she stars being prompted not to get close to a tree planted by the cemetery. Rumors has it that there is a Kuntilanak (a she-demon) living up in the old tree near the boarding house. Sam's boyfriend, Agung, tries to warn her about it, but she just doesn't pay attention. Soon, people around her begin to die tragically. It seems that everything is connected to Samantha's weird and recurrent nightmares, and the Kuntilanak's legend.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Vanished (a.k.a. Oyayubi Sagashi) is a 2006 Japanese suspense film co-written and directed by Naoto Kumazawa, and starring Ken Miyake, Ayumi Ito, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Runa Nagai, Runa Nagai, and Shiho Harumi.

During an elementary school reunion, Takeshi meets again his old schoolmates Chie, Tomohiko, Aya and Nobuhisa. Even though they haven't seen each other since graduation, Takeshi insists on playing "the game" once more for Yumiko, their long lost friend. Later on, it is revealed that eight years ago, Yumiko initiated a game named Oyayubi Sagashi. The game consisted of all of them holding hands in a circle and chanting in order for their souls to be transported to another place; a dark room where they are supposed to find someone's missing thumb. Whoever finds it would supposedly be granted a wish. But things get really weird and Yumiko becomes lost never to be found.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Booth (a.k.a. Bûsu) is a 2005 Japanese horror film written and directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura, and starring Ryûta Satô, Maiko Asano, Makoto Ashikawa, Mansaku Ikeuchi, and Hijiri Kojima.

Shogo a popular DJ at a call-in radio-show is known for being arrogant and conceited. One day, while his new studio is getting ready, he must broadcast from Studio 6 a creepy and dilapidated booth that has been abandoned since a DJ committed suicide several years ago. All of a sudden, Shogo starts getting strange calls, and he can hear the voice of a woman who whispers "Liar" over and over. Meanwhile, Shogo keeps being haunted by dark memories of he past and everything seems to be connected to a quarrel he had with a co-worker earlier that day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Villa Estrella is a 2009 Filipino film directed Rico Maria Ilarde, and starring Shaina Magdayao, Maja Salvador, Jake Cuenca, Geoff Eigenmann, and Ronnie Lazaro.

Anna keeps having a dream in which someone she doesn't know is drowning. Later, she is dragged away from the city to a place she doesn't remember having been there before but where everybody seems to know her. But as the day goes on, people start to disappear and something or someone is dragging unsuspecting victims into the dark and dirty pool.


Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan: The Movie is a 2004 Japanese horror anthology. It consists of seveal stories directed by different directors. The film is based upon the series of the same name.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN; directed by Akio Yoshida.
The watchmen at an abandoned building keep resigning after the first night of work. Only of them remains in the place to welcome the new comers.

WISPS OF SMOKE; directed by Kosuke Suzuki.
Three girls on a field trip get lost in the dark roads. A strange sound comes from deep in the woods and the three of them have to learn the hard way that smoking kills.

GLOVES; directed by Hirohisa Sasaki.
Every night when she falls asleep, a young girl starts to feel that a pair of gloved hands begin to strangle her.

THE WEIGHT; directed by Kosuke Suzuki.
A woman wakes up in the middle of the night after feeling a heavy weight sitting on her chest.

FULL-LENGTH MIRROR; directed by Ryuta Miyake.
Soon to graduate, two young men decide to visit their high school as a farewell. But before leaving, they remember there is only one thing they have yet to do, look into the mirror in the gym's storage room.

LINE OF SIGHT; directed by Keisuke Toyoshima.
While shooting a video about her future plans, a young school girl records something else that will keep an eye on her forever.

THE PROMISE; directed by Keita Amemiya.
Hiroyuki receives a call from his uncle about taking care of his apartment for a while. Although he can make use of everything in the place, there is only one condition, he should answer everything he hears someone calling his name.

HISAO; directed by Shunichi Hirano.
A mother keeps talking to her son about how he has been bullied in school. However, he doesn't answer and the only thing he does is sit on a rocking-chair and drip water all over the place.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Meat Grinder is a 2009 Thai horror/gore film directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong, and starring Mai Charoenpura, Rattanaballang Tohssawat, and Duangta Tungkamanee.

Even though she looks like a normal woman, Buss lives a difficult life full of tension and stress; however, she manages to work hard for her only daughter. One day, while she was working as a noodle soup seller, she encounters a chaos in town and is eventually rescued by Attapol who later becomes her close friend, and helps her in her new noodle soup mini-restaurant. Later on, after Buss discovers the body of a man who died while hiding in her stall during the downtown chaos, she decides to include a new ingredient into her soup. Soon her secret recipe is introduced, and Buss gains many customers and reputation due to her delicious noodle soup.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pa-Siyam is a 2004 Filipino horror film written and directed by Erik Matti, and starring Roderick Paulate, Cherry Pie Picache, Aubrey Miles, Maricar De Mesa, Yul Servo, Jaime Fabregas, Cristine Reyes, and Ana Capri.

After their mother's death, Nilo and all of his siblings gather together in their old home to respect the funereal rites and honor the Pa-sayim, which is the nine days of praying the novena for the soul of the departed. Although they were told that she died of natural causes, they soon realize that their mother's death might have been caused by someone else.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Haunted Office is a 2002 Hong Kong horror film directed by Marco Mak, and starring Karen Mok, Qi Shu, Jordan Chan, and Elena Kong.

The fill comprises three different stories about a series of mysterious deaths in an office building. At the beginning, a new office worker finds out the hard way why no one uses the last toilet in the ladies' restroom. Then, Ken must choose between two girls; however, one of them might be a ghost. Later, one of the oldest employees, Mary, is fired the day before her retirement, which means she will lose all her pension; but something odd is about to happen to her and her boss will pay for all his wrong deeds.