Friday, March 26, 2010


Kadokawa Horror Collection is a 2007 Japanese horror anthology. It contains four unrelated full-length movies, directed by different directors.

1. Shikoku (a.k.a. Land Of The Dead) is a 1999 Japanese thriller directed by Shunichi Nagasaki and starring Yui Natsukawa, Michitaka Tsutsui, and Chiaki Kuriyama.

2. Isola: Multiple Personality Girl (a.k.a. Isola: Persona 13) is a 2000 Japanese psychological thriller directed by Toshiyuki Mizutani and starring Yoshino Kimura, Ken Ishiguro, and Yû Kurosawa.

3. Shadow Of The Wraith is a 2001 Japanese horror film directed by Toshiharu Ikeda, and starring Kôji Matsuo, Yuichi Matsuo, Asumi Miwa, and Hitomi Miwa.

4. Inugami is a 2002 Japanese fantasy drama co-written and directed by Masato Harada, and starring Yûki Amami, Atsuro Watabe, Eugene Harada, and Shiho Fujimura. In Japanese culture, Inugami means literally Dog God.


Inugami is a 2002 Japanese fantasy drama co-written and directed by Masato Harada, and starring Yûki Amami, Atsuro Watabe, Eugene Harada, and Shiho Fujimura. In Japanese culture, Inugami means literally Dog God.

Right after Akira, the teacher from Tokyo, arrives in a small rural town to begin his new job, he meets, and begins to fall for, Miki. She is a local papermaker and belongs to a large and unusual family. Soon, Akira learns about an ancient legend that is carried by Miki's family that says that they bear the curse of the Inugami. As their relationship becomes stronger, weird things begin to happen around them; believing that the only way to stop the curse is killing Miki, the town's people decide to start looking for her to get rid of her and hence the evil spirits she embraces.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Shadow Of The Wraith is a 2001 Japanese horror film directed by Toshiharu Ikeda, and starring Kôji Matsuo, Yuichi Matsuo, Asumi Miwa, and Hitomi Miwa.

The film is divided into two somewhat related parts.

Part One - High School: In this story, a young girl, with the ability to leave her body, starts stalking one of her classmates. However, since the boy seems little interested in her, people around him start to die in mysterious circumstances.

Part Two - The Hollow Stone: the second story is about a young girl and her family who just moved to their new apartment. But ever since they moved, creepy things start to happen, including a closet that seems to be haunted by the spirit of a little child.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Tidal Wave (a.k.a. Haeundae) is a 2009 South Korean thriller|disaster movie written and directed by Je-gyun Yun, and starring Kyung-gu Sol, Ji-won Ha, Joong-Hoon Park, and Jeong-hwa Eom.

The film revolves around the inhabitants of a very crowded and populated South Korean area named Haeundae. Right after the 2004 South Asian Tsunami, a lot of phenomena kept happening beneath the ocean surface around South Korea and Japan. Scientist discover that a portion of a nearest island is about to collapse and as a result there will be a "Mega-Tsunami" that could easily wipe out the whole area around Haeundae. Despite the scientist prediction, the beach is not evacuated until the last minute which causes a terrible disaster that will have everybody running for their lives.


Unborn But Forgotten is a 2002 South Korean suspense film directed by Chang-jae Lim, and starring Jun-ho Jeong, Eun-ju Lee, and Ji-yu Kim.

After a lot of pregnant women start to die mysteriously, TV hostess Han Su-jin along with detective Choi decide to investigate what lies behind the deaths. It seems that there is a certain relationship between the dead women and a certain web page about a now nonexistent hospital. However, when Su-jin discovers that she is also pregnant, she accidentally access the page and finds out that every woman that has logged into it has died fifteen days later. It is then up to her and detective Choi to find out what is going on before it is too late for Su-jin.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ghost Photos: The Cursed Images is a 2006 Japanese horror film.

Toshiko, a high school student, and her brother find a camera in their grandfather's bedroom. Later on, she receives a message to her cell phone from her brother; in this message there is a mysterious picture of a dark forest where an unknown woman is standing. From that moment on, strange things begin to happen to Toshiko, including visions of a strange looking girl. She decides to talk to one of her best friends about it and she tells Toshiko that there is an urban legend about a girl lost in a forest. Soon, Tashiko discovers that there is more about the legend than she actually knows, and it is closer to her than she can imagine.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Meatball Machine is a 2005 Japanese Sci-Fi film directed by Yûdai Yamaguchi and Jun'ichi Yamamoto, and starring Issei Takahashi, Aoba Kawai, and Kenichi Kawasaki.

The movie revolves around Yōji, a young lonely factory worker who, after being sexually harassed by a homosexual at a local theater, finds an insect-like creature that he decides to take home. The creature happens to be an alien parasite that takes over human bodies and use them to create weapons in order to fight each other and eat the loser. Yōji becomes infected but luckily for him, he can maintain his consciousness and thus, he decides to terminate with the remaining of the aliens.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A Chain Of Cursed Murders is a 2006 Japanese horror film directed by Ryûichi Honda, and starring Aoi Miura, Hiromi Nakajima, and Eriko Nakamura.

Some high school girls start receiving a strange e-mail in which they're told about Ayumi Tachibana; a girl that was supposedly raped, became pregnant, and murdered by a group of men. The sender of the message warns the girls that they have to send this e-mail to nine other people within the next twelve hours, or else they will be killed, and treated as the one Ayumi Tachibana wrongdoers. Despite the clear warning, some girls decide to delete the massage and thus, they have to face the gruesome truth.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Zee Oui is a 2004 Thai drama|thriller film directed by Buranee Rachjaibun and Nida Suthat Na Ayutthaya, and starring Long Duan, Premsinee Ratanasopha, Chatchai Plengpanich, and Surasak Chai-Aut.

Li Hui is a Chinese immigrant, who decides to go to Thailand in search for a better life. However, since the very first day, he encounters only discrimination and racism from the people around him. Soon, his asthma, that he has suffered for many years, worsens and is leading him to madness. Driven completely out of his mind, Li Hui begins to kill children, believing that if he eats their heart he will finally be cured.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Patient X is a 2009 Filipino film co-written and directed by Yam Laranas, and starring Richard Gutierrez, Cristine Reyes, TJ Trinidad, and Miriam Quiambao.

After twenty years, a police officer finally captures one of doctor Lukas' brother murderers. He soon discovers that the murderers are not regular human beings, but Aswangs -a sort of legendary vampire-like creature from Filipino folktales-. However, the rest of the Aswangs are looking for their friend and they are becoming a menace for everybody inside the facility where they are keeping her. Doctor Lukas is then in charge of finding a means to kill the creatures before it's too late.