Monday, September 13, 2010


Paradise Villa is a 2001 South Korean drama|horror film directed by Chong-won Park, and starring Han-jun Jo, You-Mi Ha, and Seung-chae Lee.

The film focuses on a day in the lives of the inhabitants of an apartment building in suburban Seoul. During this day, people are gathered in their homes to watch the soccer match between South Korea and Japan. However, while everybody is enjoying the game, an online gamer who seems to have just lost his mind is in the premises in quest for a powerful weapon he needs to finish his game. Somehow the lines between the virtual and real world are gone, and the man thinks the weapon is located somewhere within Paradise Villa, and is owned by a man nicknamed "Viagra". The crazy gamer begins to kill what his mind is recognizing as his enemies, innocent apartment tenants who are violently murdered one by one.