Monday, March 25, 2013


I Saw The Devil is a 2010 South Korean crime/thriller/horror film. It was directed by , and stars , , and .

Right after his fiance is killed by a serial killer, Secret NIS agent Soo-hyun decides to take revenge and starts looking for the assassin. As Soo-hyun tells his father-in-law about his plans, the old man, a retired chief police officer, provides him with the pictures and profiles of the four main suspects. Some time after, Soo-hyun finds the first guy and after beating him pretty badly, he decides to turn it to the police. However, the second guy, Kyung-chul, turns up to be the killer so Soo-hyun decides to "play" a little with him and after a very violent beat-up he tells him that his vengeance is just starting.

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