Monday, June 6, 2011


Senrei (a.k.a. Baptism Of Blood) is a 1996 Japanese horror film directed by Kenichi Yoshihara, and starring Rie Imamura, Risa Akikawa and Mie Yoshida. The film is based on Kazuo Umezu's manga of the same name.

A pretty actress is forced into retirement due to an ugly disfiguring skin disease that attacks her mainly in the face. Crazed by desperation she sets up a sinister plan that consists on transplanting her own brain into her young daughter's. As soon as she realizes of her mother's strange plan, Sakura, tries to escape in vain. After undergoing a horrible operation, Sakura is no longer who she used to be, she is now her own mother who is ready to start a new life as a normal little school girl. In her new body, she seduces the piano teacher, and tries to inherit her mother's properties to escape abroad and begin a new life. Police detective Takamatsu who is suspicious of Matsuko's disappearance starts investigating and ultimately uncovers the uncanny true behind the newly reborn woman.  

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