Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yogen (a.k.a. Premonition) is a 2004 Japanese horror film directed by Tsuruta Norio. The movie is the second installment in the J-Horror Theater series that started with Infection (2004) and ended with Reincarnation (2006).

Hideki, his wife Ayaka, and their young daughter Nana are driving happily through the countryside when they decide to stop at a roadside phone booth, because Hideki needed to send an e-mail from his laptop. In the booth, Hideki discovers a piece of a partially burnt newspaper with his daughter's picture on it. As he reads the newspaper, he discovers that it says that his daughter died in an accident after being hit by a truck; when he goes to help Nana get out of the car, a truck eventually hit the car pushing in to the side of the road to finally explode killing the young girl.
The movie then revolves around Hideshi trying to find the reason for his daughter to die and eventually discovering Nana's death is the first of many he can predict. After a while, it will be impossible for Hideki to know what is real and what is not in such intricate plot.

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